3 emceeing adjustments in times of COVID

Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

Emceeing is a challenging task as it requires excellent public speaking skills. If you’re a professional master of ceremony, you sure can relate to these adjustments which make the role even more challenging. If you’re a newbie, bear in mind these things as you may be required of which in taking the role of an MC amidst pandemic.

1. More events held in the morning.

Unlike the good old days, events are usually in the morning. You have to brace yourself for waking early in the morning. This is now the new normal because of the implemented curfew. Personally, I kinda miss the old days as effects such as lights, smoke, and bubbles are more appealing during night time.

2. More challenging service delivery.

Now more than ever, you have to speak hard just to get heard — as clearly as possible. I mean, these days, you can’t do emceeing with the face mask and shield on (unless maybe for virtual events). While these things are essential for your own safety, they may be deemed as barriers for a successful communication because covering your mouth — where your voice naturally goes out — makes you sound not so clear before the crowd.

3. Lowered professional fees.

This time of our lives is the time for survival. Whenever an opportunity knocks, no matter the price, all we can say is “Why not?”. We totally understand that clients are on a very tight budget thriving for the future. Yet since we care so much for them, we are still here ready to render service for your life’s most awaited celebration. If there’s anything we can say, it’s that we are glad to share with you joy that we hope will last a lifetime.

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Lord Vincent Van Mendoza is a content marketer and event host based in Davao City. He helps small business owners and service providers drive quality content for their brands. Since 2018, he has been emceeing for social and corporate events in the metro.
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