An ethereal wedding emceeing for my college mate at the Garden by the Bay

Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

I just cannot believe that this happened. In fact, even my colleagues couldn’t believe their eyes when I posted this on Facebook.

Myka, our cartoon editor in our college Publication, just tied the knot with her better-half, Jay. It must be the best day of their lives.

Let me share with you how things went prior to this very BIG day. Myka reached out to me some time ago as she wished if I could be the emcee for her wedding. I, of course, gladly accepted the request.

A night before her wedding, she sent to me her planned wedlock party programme. I suggested quite a few things. Then she said – which overwhelmed me – “I leave it all to you. I trust you, Vince”.

That gave me much motivation to do the hosting stint. Later did I know that her organizer backed out – but you know, the show must go on. Hence, right after their ceremony at the Garden by the Bay, it was the time for me to lead the celebration. I honestly have bias for clients who are so dear to me. What I mean is – I give my very best if I emcee for their events.

True enough, I have no reason to doubt that I’ve given my all for her wedding. Image for post I was even more confident to do the hosting thing as I am with one of my favorites, DJ Drawdog (in the house, yo!).

We’ve been working together for quite a lot of events already. That means when we are together, we always deliver a good show.

While being able to celebrate Myka’s wedding day, I also miss my counterparts from our college publication. The choice of the venue is what reminds me of what we used to do – writing articles. Myka’s wedding is no exception to my role as a former associate editor and a chief editor of Layag. Indeed, we navigate high seas with unceasing faith.

I can’t wait who’s coming up next in my list.

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Lord Vincent Van Mendoza is a content marketer and event host based in Davao City. He helps small business owners and service providers drive quality content for their brands. Since 2018, he has been emceeing for social and corporate events in the metro.
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