DJ Drawdog: a Davao wedding DJ with a good pair of ears

Lord Vincent Van Mendoza
January 3, 2021

Meet DJ Drawdog, one of my favorite event spinners in Davao city. Read his story and get to know his humble beginnings in the world of musical scoring.

I could not recall the first time DJ Drawdog and I had our first tandem for an event. What matters is, in every event, he never fails me. He is so down to earth; he knows what I like in terms of music; he can perfectly score at a perfect time.

Who was Drawdog before the DJ life?

DJ Drawdog was really a bit closer to musical scoring when he was starting in the event industry. As he told me, "I was a sound tech and lightman at Sound Solutions lights and Sounds". He added, "Pero bago ko nag spinner nag Part time job ko sa Incheon, South Korea 2008 to 2010 as Dj and the same time House band member sa Forefront Band (Lead Guitarist). [Before I became an event spinner, I had a part-time job as a house band member at Forefront Band.]

Drawdog playing for House band at Incheon, South Korea.

How did he fall in love with music?

When asked, why he fell in love with music, DJ Drawdog told me, "Naa sa dugo nako ang love sa music... All member sa akongg family. They love to sings... Na love nako ang music since 1990, but before that , I was a fine artist". [Love of music runs in the blood of the family. I have been in love with music since 1990. Before that, I was a fine artist.]

According to him, his family's favorite band is The Beatles.

You can watch some of Drawdog's renditions of his favorites at his YouTube channel.

How did he start?

DJ Drawdog started spinning after his band members broke out. He had his first event spinning with Ma'am Gee Ramos of The Wedding Gallery.

This was taken last year. Drawdog doesn't have a picture with his first event

His first event spinning was not an easy one. He was using CDs and CD player. There was no laptop back then according to him. He was glad the host brought CDs for her bed music. He'd never forget the first couple dance music, "God Gave me You". It was the most requested music of his time.

I asked DJ Drawdog what song would he like to be played at his funeral. He chose, "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns. He must have been very close to the heart of our Creator. Working with him makes you feel so blessed. Not is he good at spinning, you will surely love his kindness.

Check out some of these links of DJ Drawdog

I was reminded by DJ Drawdog that our first event was at Bellevue Square Davao. We worked for Ma'am MK Sobrecarey at that time.

DJ Drawdog is an event DJ based in Davao city. He's a signle parent and a loving father of one daughter. He has been working with different MCs in the metro for over 8 years now. If you're looking for a wedding DJ in Davao, you should consider hiring him.

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