Professional event host's errands: before, during, and after

Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

Hosting (or emceeing) an event in its professional sense requires one to be well-equipped with skills in public speaking. That's a given. However, it does not end there as it entails much preparation and management.


In the practice of event management, planning is the key to success. The first thing that you wanna do if you are asked to host an event is to ask whether or not your client has an event manager. If there's any, you will have to join in the pre-event planning together with the other suppliers.

As the master of ceremony, your role is to lay down your program. This actually sets your branding as a host. Nonetheless, be still open to suggestions from the event manager or the client.

You have to coordinate well so that what gets done when and where. Be it a social or a corporate party, an event program is important. This is your blueprint in running a good show.


There are several factors that leave a lasting impression to your clients and fellow professional event suppliers. Some of which are punctuality, grooming, and rapport.

You need to be early at the venue so that you can rehearse and work things out prior to the event. One thing that you have to do upon arrival is to do a mic test. Please note that it's a NO NO for an emcee to test the mic when the guests have already arrived. You should rather do this while you are way too free to do so. Another thing that you have to do is have a rehearsal with your musical scorer (commonly known as spinner). You need to check if you have the best music playlist for the show.

As the event runs, make sure to keep your audience engaged. You may actually reserve your meal after the show.


Always do the honors of pitching PR stuff. Thank the client and the event manager alike. Also, if you can, try to request for a review from your clients. This will help you in your marketing as a professional in the event industry.

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Lord Vincent Van Mendoza is a content marketer and event host based in Davao City. He helps small business owners and service providers drive quality content for their brands. Since 2018, he has been emceeing for social and corporate events in the metro.
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